Bali is facing an environmental and potential health disaster with the over consumption of plastic bags (tas kresiek) on the island.

Several decades ago, plastic bags were not used in Bali. Most Balinese would bring a woven bag to carry items home from the markets.

Today, almost every item that is purchased throughout Bali, from ceremonial offerings to food, to general house hold items, is carried home in a plastic bag.

Bali’s population is estimated at 4-5 million people and most residents receive a minimum of one plastic bag per day.

It has become the ‘normal’ procedure to buy 1 item from a Warung (small shop) and receive a plastic bag.

With insufficient education on the disposal of rubbish, many of Bali’s millions of plastic bags end up littering the environment, finding their way into the water streams and eventually ending up in the ocean.

Another very common method of rubbish disposal, is to burn it. Burning plastic at regular fire temperatures is highly toxic, resulting in many serious illnesses including cancer.

TAS PASAR (Market Bag) is a non-profit organization. Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to bring their own bag when shopping for personal items.

The average Warung in Bali hands out 100 – 150 bags per day to their customers, costing the warung owner approximately $40 – $50 per month. By encouraging the consumer to bring a reusable TAS PASAR bag, the warung owner saves considerably on the expense of buying plastic bags and our Bali environment benefits immensely.

Through the sale of TAS PASAR Bags to the tourist sector, we hope to fund the production and distribution of bags to the poorer village areas in Bali.


• Donations

Donations of less than $50 will be dedicated towards the purchase and distribution of ‘reward gifts’ for local children who refuse a plastic bag when shopping for items. For example : A TAS PASAR pencil will be awarded to diligent children who use their own bag when shopping at their local warung.

• Start Up Kit, $50

The start up kit is a gift pack / educational pack that is distributed to local warungs throughout Bali.

The pack consists of :

- 100 TAS PASAR reusable bags
- 2 posters
- 2 t-shirts
- a box of TAS PASAR pencils
- a letter introducing the warung owner to the benefits of using TAS PASAR bags
- information illustrating the dangers of burning plastic bags to health and the environment.

• Distributors

We are looking for volunteers to help distribute TAS PASAR Bags and Starter Kits to all areas of Bali.

An ‘area’ could cover :

-  a single warung near your house
-  several warungs in one street
-  as many warungs as possible in an entire suburb (banjar)

As a Distributor, part of your  responsibility will be to keep stock of the bags and sell them to the warung owners as required. To ensure success of the TAS PASAR program, it is necessary to monitor the warungs in your chosen area to see how many customers are actually bringing their own bag.

A courteous reminder to the warung owner to display the TAS PASAR posters and educational flyer may also be required from time to time. Polite encouragement is always the best recipe for success and a change of habits.

• Old Bags

In addition to producing the non-woven TAS PASAR bags, we will also be distributing second hand re-usable shopping bags to the villages.

If you are coming to Bali for a holiday, and would like to help this campaign, please bring with you re-usable shopping bags (woven supermarket bags are perfect) and contact us for information pertaining to the closest collection point.

(Jagan Lupa Bawa Tas Sendiri)
Don’t forget bring your own bag


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